Video recordings when done right are without a doubt marvelous,however, they can always be improved to enhance engagement.Here are some useful ways you can improve your video marketing strategies and ROI:

Focus on good video and audio quality.
For video content that displays a person talking, both visual and auditory modalities contribute significantly to the overall quality of the video.The visual content of the video should contain smooth motion and good light balance. For auditory quality,video content creators should make sure to use high-quality microphones or audio source files and to evaluate audio attributes, such as sample rates, bit depth, audio channels, audio compression, and recording levels.

Provide user controls
Controls such as playing, pausing, rewinding, forwarding,and stopping the video should be present at all times. Allowing users to control video pacing lets learners pause and repeat segments of the video in order to better absorb the subject matter. It also creates the ability to click through to other content, segments of videos, related videos, or the comments section.

Keep it short and simple
Video should be kept fairly short so that learners do not lose focus of the subject matter. It’s recommended that video clips be limited to thirty to fifty five seconds. Keeping video clip lengths on the shorter side not only can keep viewers focused, but also can lead to better learning.