The Client – Veriot
Sector – Private-Sector Technology
The Challenge:

Veriot Venture is a private sector company that creates unique GPS trackers with real-time location tracking and movement history. To launch the company’s latest product at the country’s premier tech show, the Consumer Electronics Show in Vegas, Veriot and their Phoenix-based promotional products supplier, were looking for a way to make a splash to tell the company’s story and get their trackers in the hands of important buyers.

The Solution:

The distributor began a conversation with their client, and then Global Promo, to create a unique, presentation gift box to launch their client’s new tracker. After a series of discussions, it was determined that a custom video box would create the wow effect that the client needed. In response to this need, Global Promo designed with the distributor and Veriot a visually stunning 7” high-definition video gift box that would combine, video, print and electronic marketing materials with a custom space for the tracker and a USB drive with additional company information.



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